Core Values

The Gospel is at the center of everything that we do.  We truly believe that following Jesus makes your life better and makes you better at life.  Obviously, we want to keep Jesus at the center of all of the decisions that are made for Tribe Church.

We want to reach the unchurched and the dechurched.  Again, we believe that following Jesus makes your life better and makes you better at life so of course we want this for everyone that we encounter.  We know that the vast majority of people in our generation are not attending church because the churches they have attended aren’t created with them in mind.  We want Tribe Church to be a place were people encounter God in creative and unique ways and that they can’t wait to come back the next week.

The giving of our gifts, talents, time, and money. We don’t want something from people, we want something for people. We want the absolute best for the people who come through our doors because we serve a creative and generous God who gave to us first, and so we need our people to give of their spiritual gifts, talents, time, and money.

Everyone needs a Tribe of people who they can take care of and who will take care of them.  Our lives are so much more rich when we live in true community with other members of the Body of Christ.  From the very beginning, we want the people of Tribe to be a part of an intentional Tribe Group who meet regularly to either pray, worship, study, or all three.

We want to do church and life at as high a level as possible. God is the most creative and excellent being in the universe! He created the complexity of the human body, over 10 million different colors, and platypus.  In the same way that we don’t want something from people, we want something for people, we want the things we give our people to be of the highest quality from the worship and preaching that they hear to the care we provide for their children to the t-shirts we give them to say thank you for joining us.

True leadership comes through serving others.  The servant leader shares the power and puts the needs of others first. If you're too big to serve you are too small to lead.  We want to build leaders who joyfully give of their time and talents and feel empowered to create excellent experiences that unchurched and dechurched people love to come to so that they can encounter Jesus and can build community.  It is our desire to help the people of Tribe Church discover their purpose so that they can best serve the church.