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How you can donate and help The Church

Tribe Church desires to be a life giving church that encourages people to live in community with one another. Life is much more than get up, eat, work, sleep, repeat. We know that God has a purpose for your life and we want to help you discover that purpose.


We want to be an integral part of our community. Pouring resources and loving those who need it the most. Right now we are building a church from the ground up. It's easy to look at a gift and say "it's going toward a stage, lighting, or chairs," but it's going to so much more than that. It's going toward people discovering their purpose and life change and we know those things only come from a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you can't assist financially please pray for the future of Plainfield and of Tribe church.

ways you can donate:

In Person:

Give Sundays at church



Send an email to and we can send a link for you to donate.


Text TRIBE to 77977

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