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Let's Have hope. 

Hope: A feeling of trust. 

In 2017 God placed a dream in the hearts of pastors and founding team to create a new church in Plainfield, Indiana.  Our pastors, Matt and Carrie, lead together, and from the very beginning, they have shared all of the pastoral responsibilities, including preaching.  Our leadership team has always consisted of both men and women.  

Tribe Church launched as a portable church at the AMC at Perry Crossing on September 16, 2018. We set up and tore down a church inside the movie theater each Sunday for 18 months.  When the COVID pandemic hit, we knew that it would be a long time before the theater reopened, so we began to look for other places to meet.

The little corner on Vine Street that has become our second home was first a laundromat, and then a wrestling gym.  We worked hard to renovate this space and have enjoyed a good relationship with our landlord for almost 3 years now.  We always knew this would be a temporary location because we do not own the building, and because the Town of Plainfield plans to take it over by eminent domain in the next few years.  

Our church grew in the movie theater.  We survived the global pandemic.  We watched God through our people turn a gym into a church.  We have continued to grow at Vine Street and moved to two services in November because we are bursting at the seams.  We have seen marriages restored, addictions broken, anxiety released and so much more during our four years as a church and we’re just getting started.

We have walked the lovely building with our pastoral staff, founding and leadership teams.  We believe that it would be the perfect home for Tribe Church–a place that we could actually own with plenty of room to grow.  It is our hope that with God’s help we will be able to purchase the property as soon as possible so that we can continue the good work that was started by the people at Hope United Presbyterian and that God has already begun in Tribe Church.

Pastors Matt & Carrie Dilley



1. Pray Continuously     

Commit to praying that the path to purchasing this building would be clear of obstacles. And asking what God is wanting from you in this season and that, ultimately God's will be done. 


2. Tithe Regularly      

Commit to giving whatever percentage you have already been giving so that Tribe can continue the work that God has called us to. 

3. Give Generously      

Commit to invest as God leads to the potential future HOME of Tribe Church. 

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